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Sculpture Engineering and Customizing

Steam-Punk Art Making...


Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Cris Cofiti® World!

A world with custom-made engineering & innovative sculpture!

All displayed custom-made vehicles and decorative art pieces displayed on this site are handmade with recycled materials.

Enjoy the tour and feel free to contact us for any questions you might have.

We hope that you will respect all the copyrights of the Artist.

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Have a look at our unique  creations. Explore the "behind-the-scenes" stories and "making off" details.

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Vespa is classic!
Pulsar can take the classic outfit and go one step beyond, let’s explore our concepts...

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Let's explore what’s in the Artist mind,
let's find out the astonishing and bright Ideas of Cris Cofiti.

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Unique Motorcycles and Vespa-Scooters for unique people with not ordinary demands and style. Have a look!

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Artist Cris Cofitis Participated at

Great Events Around the World!

  • Chimera

    Based on a
    Modified B.M.W.


  • Mastiga

    Based on a
    Modified Honda


  • Magna

    Based on a
    Modified Honda
    Magna 750cc...


  • Guardian

    Based on a
    Modified Piaggio
    PX 200...


  • Springer Sting

    Based on a
    Modified Piaggio
    PX 200...


  • Projects

    Some Ideas
    From Pulsar